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Driving King teams up with Wesurance to launch the city’s first learner driver insurance

Cyberport Smart-Space company, Driving King, which operates Hong Kong’s largest one-stop platform for learner drivers, recently partnered with another Cyberport InsurTech start-up, Wesurance, to launch Hong Kong’s first insurance designed specifically for learner drivers.

For a long time, learner drivers are covered only by general annual accident insurance that usually offers more coverage than the average learner drivers typically need, resulting in paying unnecessarily high premiums. Meanwhile, the instructor’s third-party insurance covers only third-party claims and damages, but not the drivers.

The innovative collaboration between Driving King and Wesurance offers a three-month insurance policy that costs only HK$200 for coverage in the amount of HK$200,000. The insurance covers such crucial items as accidental death, permanent disablement, and medical expenses. Even better, the policy can be purchased via an app.

This new product complements Driving King’s suite of offerings for learner drivers and driving instructors. Since 2017, the platform has been helping learner drivers find their driving instructors, get tips and information on driving lessons and tests, and ace the driving tests. It has also helped driving instructors manage their bookings and test information of learners. Over 120,000 learner drivers and more than 120 driving instructors are already using the platform, and Driving King’s app consistently ranks among the top in its category on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

This year, Driving King provides different driving learning courses not only for private cars and light goods vehicles but also light buses, buses, articulated vehicles, as well as medium and heavy goods vehicles. In the future, the company will continually focus and improve the experience for learners and coaches whether on the services or driving learning procedures.

“Our company has picked Cyberport’s Smart-Space 8 as our base after graduated from the Incubation Programme.  That helps us connect suitable business partners and promote our service. We truly appreciate Cyberport’s help and support.” said by Jacky Chan, Director of Lemongene Technology Limited (Driving King).

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